How To Repair a Phone That Fell Inside Water

Repairing a phone that fell inside water is not a big deal, infact its easier than you thought. So instead of drying it in the sun and damaging the screen(or worse) or taking it a repair store, just follow these simple instructions.

To fix a phone that fell into water, you’ll need just 3 things;
* A bowl
* white rice enough to fill the bowl.
* and of course, the phone that fell into water.
Here are the steps to follow in fixing a phone that dropped in water with a bowl of white rice.
=> don’t panick when your phone drops in water, just quickly remove the battery, memory card, sim(if any) etc, gently shake it to get a good portion of the water in the phone out.
=> pure white rice to a bowl big enough to fit your phone(it must be white and not brown rice or else it won’t do the trick) and dig the wet phone completely into the white rice.
=> Leave for upto 6 hours, remove the phone from the rice, insert your gadgets and BAM! Your phone’s back to normal! But wait, how’d that happen? Is it magic? Well, answer’s YES, its magic… Ok no, just joking. Fact is, white and not brown rice has some really good absorbent characteristics so what really happened was the white rice sucked up all the little bits of water left inside the phone that fell into water. So no, its not magic but it works anyways.

Note: Ensure its water and not oil or any other liquids the phone fell into as this method works only for phones that fell inside water.

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Poultry farming is an ideal business for those that are interested in rearing of chicks,either for consumption or commercial purposes. To start poultry farming,there are two things involved;you are planing to start a chicken farm and to start an actual business out of it. In the poultry farming sector,there are various categories which includes egg production,meat production,the hatchery unit(breeding of chicks),etc. Here are some important factors to take note or when you’re about to engage in a poultry farming business:


Before moving into any sector,there should be a proper understanding of what it entails,the efforts needed to be applied which could be either in form of human labour or use of farm machineries.Make a well-listed plan and have a proper knowledge of each of the breed types.


having decided on the sector of poultry farming you would love to engage in,you need to formulate a good business plan and strategy. This will help to achieve the desired goals. This business strategy tells of the plan of how to go about operating the poultry farming business and how you intend to achieve success in the business.


getting started with the poultry farming business,you must acquire a means of obtaining capital,it could be through loans,personal savings etc,also get a suitable land space as there will need to make buildings to house the chickens,and in some low scale farming business,hutches are used to house the chickens. Another ideal point to be considered when choosing a land is the poultry location. The poultry should be located in a place nearest to water supply,close to areas with high population density for the sales of your products,when siting a poultry farm house,it should not be within areas of residence as the disposal of their waste products could cause air pollution  because of the offensive odour.

there is need to provide adequate housing for your birds in order to prevent them from harsh weather conditions such as heavy rainfall,high sun intensity,wind etc. There are various kinds of housing you can provide for your birds examples are deep litter system which involves spreading wood shavings on the floor,with the wood shavings providing cushion as support for your birds, use of battery cages,range system(an extensive system where the birds are allowed to move freely),use of slated floor etc.

it’s of great importance to know the certain stages the chicks are to be vaccinated. Administration of vaccines are therefore important in order to reduce the risk of diseases and mortality(death rate) amongst poultry birds. A poultry farmer should have a veterinary doctor in charge of giving these vaccines,and perform regular check-ups on them to ensure good health and promote their growth


cake The delight of every person that bakes is to achieve smooth and fluffy pastries. The main work with baking a fluffy cake starts with the batter,this is done by heating butter to be used or shortening with sugar until the mixture is very fluffy. Here are some important steps for beginners,on how to bake cake from the start.

There is need to make a detailed plan of what you would love your recipe to be, examples of some classic cake recipes include: vanilla cake,strawberry cake, chocolate cake,yellow cake with chocolate butter frosting,etc.

single, simple baking pans with shiny aluminum wall are perfect  recommended for baking cakes. This specific type of baking pan would not make the cake get burnt. In case a baking pan with a dark or dull finish is used,before placing the cake into the oven, it’s advisable to reduce the oven temperature by 25degrees,and check the doneness of the cake at least 5mins earlier to prevent over-browning or to prevent burning. Baking pans come with various range of sizes in inches,the sizes are usually 6,8,10,12,14,16 inches,etc.depending on the size of the cake you intend to make or as the recipe require.

Before pouring your mixed recipes into the baking pan, you will need to grease and flour the pan,to do this,use a paper towel or a pastry brush to evenly spread butter or alternatively,a non-stick cooking spray on the bottom,corners and 2 inches up the sides of the baking pan. Incase the butter seems much,you can add little flour to absorb the butter. Tap the pan to make sure the flour covers all the greased areas. This makes the cake non-sticking to the baking pan.
Note: for chocolate cakes,cocoa powder is used instead of flour. The cocoa powder prevents sticking and improves the cake’s


Ingredients used are: Flour,butter,sugar,milk(optional),salt(a pinch to taste),baking powder,eggs,and flavour (of your choice,e.g vanilla,strawberry,almond,etc)
Step 1: Sieve the flour properly in a bowl as this would enhance aeration and get rid of dirty particles in it,add baking powder with a pinch of salt,flavour (if in a powdery form) and stir the mixture well.
Step 2: when using an electric mixer,beat the butter at a low speed for about 30seconds,add the sugar in small amounts at a time until the mixtures are combined together and has a light,fluffy texture. To avoid wasting your mixture ,scrape the bowl occasionally while mixing.
Step 3: Add eggs one at a time, alternately add the flour mixture little by little till it’s moderately light.
Tip: Do not over-mix at this stage as this could cause irregular spaces/holes in the cake when it’s done.
Step 4: Pour the mixture into the baking pan and put into the oven at a moderately high temperature to prevent burning. Check if the cake is done after 45minutes by inserting a toothpick into the cake,if it comes out neat ,that shows it’s done and ready for consumption.

Enough here,go make it real.

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bana2Banana is an edible fruit,with highly rich nutritional values. The fruit is of various size,colour,and firmness,with soft flesh rich in starch, and the outermost cover which exist with different kinds of colours some may be green,yellow,red or brown when ripe. Bananas are rich in dietary fiber,vitamins such as thiamine (B1),riboflavin (B2),niacin (B3),pantothenic acid (B5),vitamin B6,folate(B9),choline and vitamin C. Trace metals are also found to be present in bananas such as iron,magnesium,phosphorous,potassium,sodium,calcium and zinc. When bananas are added in-between meals or to your meals,real health and nutrition benefits comes from the consumption.
Here are the health benefits of bananas for men;

Regular consumption of bananas,helps men to have strong bones due to the presence of calcium in them. Bananas have been therefore found to be good for bone development. As a result of banana’s high concentration of tryptophan,which is a building block of serotonin, it helps to prevent the loss of calcium from the body,potassium is also an electrolyte found in this fruit and also aids in preventing calcium loss.

Bananas are immune boosters,they improve immune functions,helps in producing antibodies against diseases or infections. Bananas also helps to improve the nervous system and coordination of the whole body system.

For men that take alcoholic drinks,and have an hangover experience,it’s advisable that after an hangover experience,bananas should be consumed to neutralize the effect of the alcohol in the body system and relieve hangover pains.

Bananas are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants in bananas provide protection from free radicals produced in the body that tend to cause cancers such as postrate cancers in men and chronic diseases.
The high potassium content in bananas are able to lower blood pressure and protect against cardio diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

Athletes and performers engaged in workout activities are aware of the calming and soothing effects of bananas before a strenous workout. Bananas helps performers to keep in check, and sustain their blood sugar,and protects against night time leg or muscle cramps.

How To Run Without Losing Breath quickly

run fast without running out of breath

Alot of people lose breath when running too quickly. The answer to why you lose your breathe so quick while running is numerous but among others, the fact that the body of such individual is not yet affirmed to such act is a major cause. For example, when learning to type your keyboard or the keys on the mobile phone at first, you start out slow having to look for which key is where and so on but as  time goes on, you gradually get more and more good at it the same thing applies to the body when doing exercises like running and jogging.

so weather its for exercise or just for fun, below are a few tips that should do the trick in helping you learn how to run without losing your breath so quick;


a. warming up:  warming up before a run should last for up to 20mins as it plays a crucial role in the rate at which you will use to run out of breath, this is because while stretching those joints and and muscles, your body awakens and gets itself prepared for the vigorous training giving you a lil bit more chance of not running out of breath so quick, plus, it also reduces the risk of having muscle cramps or greater injuries while running.

b. practise breathing techniques: there are a lot of breathing techs you can adopt to strengthen your lungs and get em ready for the run so you don’t have to wait and catch your breath so soon. Try breathing in fully, hold for a second and breath out, hold for a second. do it for up to 10 times

running fats without losing getting tired
running fats without losing getting tired


a. start slow and gradual: starting off slow is likewise important especially when you’re just getting to into running. know your limit to when you lose your breath then try to beat it. gradually, you start getting better.

b. breath through your nose:  when running, to keep you from running out of breath so fast, never breath through your mouth, let the nose take it all in, this also helps to strengthen the nasal muscles and lungs.

c. stay hydrated: staying hydrated during a run is required as it keeps the body fully functional during the race and thus making you run longer distances without losing your breath. Thats why you should always go along with a water bottle.


a. sleep right, eat right: by eating a balanced diet and sleeping well, the body and mind grows stronger and yields to the training and in no time at all, you’ll be running 5km with losing your breath while running, just saying.

Enough said, get out there and start the ultimate training. Give us your feedbacks in the comments, we’ll be delighted to see them. Good luck and have fun.

How To Maintain Good Hygiene During Menstruation

how to mantain good hygiene during menstration
how to mantain good hygiene during menstration

As a woman, menstruation is compulsory and keeping good hygiene during this period is crucial as you are more open to bacterial infections and other germs during the period of menstruation. However, it is also important to keep good hygiene always for male and female.
Below is a list of ways to maintain good hygiene during menstruation:
i. Frequent removal of tampons; tampons are superb aids during menstruation as they capture the menstrual flow before it leaves the vagina. However, be warned because if not removed on time, the release can be caused to eventually stain your underwear or even stain your skirt and may also encourage the growth of excess bacteria in the vagina that may lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) which sometimes can be fatal.

ii. Changing of the sanitary pads; during menstruation, sanitary pads are prefered to tampons by some women so if this is the case with you then here are the things to do to ensure good use and adequate hygiene on sanitary pads during menstruation;
* you must be aware of the time the sanitary pad becomes saturated which you should be prepared to change every 3-4 hours during the first few days of menstruation and may become 4-6 hours later on average.
*ensure when changing the pad as soon as possible when saturated and since the menstrual blood passes through the vagina, then the vagina should be washed with plain water(no soap) and kept dry and ensure to wash hands afterwards.
*during menstruation, sanitary pads are not the best choices when planning to wearing tight trousers or skirt because as it may force the menstrual blood to leak out
*never attempt to scratch the area where the sanitary pad covers to prevent leakage.
Apart from maintaining good hygiene of the pubic area, its also important to keep other areas of the clean to bacteria infections and body odour to do so, try the following tips
1. Take a bath or shower at least two times a day morning and night.
2. Frequently wash hands after touching the private part for one reason or the other.
3. Wear clean underwear which must be changed regularly.
4. Application of deodorant to always smell nice but never in the vagina as it has its own cleansing agents.

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absA perfect 6-pack abs is the delight of most men;having a perfectly flat tommy with a six-pack abs doesn’t just come easily,but maintaining a healthy diet,and watching carefully your diet intake does the main work. If you have the goal of getting a perfect six-pack abs,you’re going to take a planned approach to reducing your food intake(dieting) in order to lose weight. There are diverse types of fat loss diets available,many of which will work properly for losing the weight clinging on the body over years,depending on how much you want a perfect ab,dietary control is vital. To achieve this,you have to restrict yourself to some certain foods and take note of the following diet tips:
Monitor your Diet Intake:

The first important step that needs to be taken is to ensure the appropriate amount of calories is taken,a moderately low intake of calories tend to help to lose more weight. Generally,the calorie count per body weight should be around 10-11 calories per pound. Try avoiding foods that has a high amount of calories such as bread,milk,rice etc.

Fat intake should be seriously limited,small amounts of fat are important for the proper function of the body muscles. Fats are known to be more concentrated at the stomach region,in order to lose more weight and gain a perfect abs,cut down your intake of foods which contains a high proportion of fats such as meat,butter,vegetable oil,saturated and trans fat etc. Most of these fat-containing foods have been found to contain cholesterol which affects the proper functioning of the body,and may later lead to fat problems,heart diseases. A perfect six-pack abs requires much lower body fat level,it should not exceed 5-12%. Though,this takes much time and dedication to achieve,to cut the body fat level down to this point,you will have to diet harder than you did before.

Your carbohydrate intake should also get changed in order to get a perfect abs. Carbohydrates are known to increase the blood sugar level,since the utmost aim is to control the insulin levels,your carbohydrate intake should be limited.

Regular exercises helps to keep the body in check and lose more weight. Exercises helps in the normal functioning of the body,maintaining the blood vessels,circulation of blood to the body cells. An example of an exercise that could help to get a perfect abs is weight-lifting; it helps to build the muscles perfectly and helps to achieve your six-packs goal.


FUTURE CAREER  A career is an occupation undertaken,a system of work and activities which is developed throughout a person’s lifetime for progress which requires one to undergo special training,depending on one’s field of specialization during the process of learning in high school. It’s therefore of great importance to have an insight to what you are capable of doing,based on your ability and level of knowledge. Right after the completion of your high school education,there is need to plan adequately for your future,set a goal for yourself and aim at achieving the goal by taking the rightful and necessary steps. In order to choose a right career,there are some necessary steps that needs to be taken:

You need to identify and consider what you are best at,basically your passion;passion keeps the burning desire for success glowing,it keeps you focused and determined. In order to choose a right career after high school,you need to identify the list of possible careers that match your interest/passion. Once you’ve gotten that done,be enthusiastic about it!

Make a list of the available courses according to the courses you offered during your high school,the department you enrolled for in school(science,arts and commercial),make accurate combinations of your courses,related to the course you would like to put in for.

Discover the job opportunities that could exist for you,after you have chosen your career,try and analyze the stumbling block(weakness) that could hinder the success of the job opportunities,and think on ways you can work on yourself and improve the weaknesses. Think of your strength as your prior values and motivations to achieving your goals.

Taking into consideration the job trends and opportunities available in industries,companies,etc. choose a career that is fast growing and is well-known. Choose careers that will earn you a huge source of income.

You can begin to examine the careers that incorporate your skills as well as the educational backup needed,potential job openings,the average salary earned,all these will also help to improve your standard of living.


To crown it all,the most important is to be time-disciplined. An adage says:’time is life and life itself is an accumulation of time,a wasted life is as a result of a wasted time. Set a target for yourself in a specific time frame,make your decisions in choosing the right career promptly,have a foresight of your future.

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How To Make Homemade Lemonade


To make homemade lemonade, you’ll need to get down and ready the following:

*6-8 lemons(depending on the quantity of lemonade you wish to make however)
*liquid measuring cup
When you have the above materials down and ready then proceed to the steps to take in making homemade lemonade:
i. Juicing the lemonade: with the stainer on the measuring cup to prevent your lemonade from having small particles of lemon, squeeze the lemons into the measuring cup and ensure the juice reaches about 1 to 1 and a half cups and then you can move to step 2 of making homemade lemonade.

ii. Making a syrup for the lemonade: pure 1 to 1.1/4 cups of granulated sugar into one cup of water and heat until it boils then stir till all reminants of sugar dissolve and finally allow the mixture to cool.

iii. Making the lemonade: with the simple syrup mixture and the extracted lemon juice down and ready, add them together and stir well then finally add ice or refrigerate.
Enjoy your lemonade and now you never again have to buy lemonade at the store.
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menstrual Menstrual cramps are involuntary contraction or tightening of a muscle,experienced during or before a periodic discharge of blood tissue from the inner lining of the uterus through the vagina(menstruation). The pains of having your menstrual flow is more than enough,accompanied with menstrual cramps(complications).This menstrual cramp is caused by the hormonal balances and the side effects,leading to the contraction of the uterus as it sheds the fertile layer which through fertilization,can be prepared for pregnancy. However,in the absence of a fertilized egg after ovulation has occurred,the uterine walls swells and sheds eggs(ova).

Dysomenorrhea (menstrual cramp) is a medical condition in which pain is experienced during menstrual flow,the pain could be mild,normal or severe,which could cause interference/disturbances with daily activities. Menstrual cramps have been known to occur in the abdomen(in the general region of the uterus),the lower back,some may experience the swelling of the breast and discomfort,backache,leg ache,some may notice changes in their sex drive,breast tenderness,fatigue or a feeling of disgust resulting in vomiting(nausea). The pain is more concentrated in the region of the lower abdomen.
   Here are some important steps that can be taken to reduce menstrual cramps when they occur:


Maintenance of a healthy diet is important during your period;consume foods that are rich in fiber content,fiber-rich foods are found to help in cleansing of the body of excess estrogen,a good example is vegetables. Take nutritional supplements such as vitamin B1 (e.g yeast,milk,beans) which is effective for pain relief,magnesium(e.g green vegetables,meat),Omega-3 fatty acids,vitamin E and vitamin B6. During this period,when cooking your food,lessen your salt intake to avoid bloating in some cases,also minimize or avoid foods that has high sugar content such as pastries,carbonated drinks,chocolates rather take fruits like banana,watermelon and the likes.


in order to ease a regular flow of your period,warm water should be taken,in order to dissolve the blood contents i.e calcium,sodium,phosphorus,iron and chloride which are discharged with the blood in form of a thick blood. Warm water helps to lessen the pain,and create pathways for normal menstrual flow.


pain killers such as paracetamol,ibuprofen,buscopan etc helps to reduce abdominal discomfort, head ache, leg ache etc. Safety measures should be taken when using these pain killers in order to avoid more complications. If the pain doesn’t seem to get reduces,visit a physician or a gynaecologist.

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