A beautiful and glowing skin is the joy of every individual including both the young and old. There is need to nuture and take an adequate care of the skin in order to achieve this. The sweat and oily substances secreted by the skin needs to be taken good care of,because if not,dusts and bacteria will stick to the surface of the skin and a dirty skin promotes bacteria and pathogenic growth as well as the blockage of the sweat pores,some diseases can even develop as well as unpleasant body odour. All these may tend to prevent the skin from performing its normal function.
In order to achieve a glowing skin,here are some steps to be taken:
1. Regular Washing: The skin should be cleaned(bath) at least twice in a day;in the morning and at night to wash off sweat and accumulated germs from dusts during the day. These accumulated oil and sweat on the skin goes deep down into the skin layers causing skin rashes,eczema or acne. In order to avoid this,ensure the skin pores are cleaned thoroughly to achieve a spotless and glowing skin.
2. Eating of Balanced Diet: Take foods that are rich in proteins,nutritional fruits,vegetables,fiber-rich foods,vitamins (vitamin B2(riboflavin),vitamin A,vitamin C etc.)These vitamins helps to reduce wrinkles,aging,and makes your skin look and feel healthy. Vitamin A is also important for the maintenance and repair of the skin tissues,Retin-A has been recommended for the treatment of acne,for boosting collagen production in the skin helping to improve the skin’s elasticity.
3. Regular Exercise: The body should be exercised regularly to remove sweats and metabolic wastes. This increases blood circulation in the skin and keeps the skin healthy.
4. Use a Good Skin moisturizer: A good moisturizer keeps the skin glowing,supple and moisturized (hydrated). Coconut oil has been researched to be good for the skin,it has the ability to restore damaged skin,helps in absorbing ultra-violent sun rays which tends to damage the skin(causing skin burn). It heals,repairs and keeps the skin glowing. Virgin coconut oil has an excellent antioxidizing property which helps to destroy and counteract free radicals which causes skin cancer. Coconut oil gives the skin a more health looking texture and a subtle glow.
5. Treatment of Wounds and Cuts: in the case of wounds and cuts,treat the properly in order to get rid of dirts,use ointment on affected parts,increase your vitamin C intake to aid clotting of blood and fast healing of wounds,dress the wound with antiseptic to disinfect the area in order to prevent the entry of infections.
6. Drink Water: Drinking plenty of clean water makes the skin more hydrated and detoxifies the body against toxins that arises from the ingestion of contaminated substances or pollution.


Watermelon is a fruit which is nutrient-filled,has a high content of vitamins,mineral salts and water(the major constituent of the watermelon). Watermelon contains all the highly essential vitamins needed for optimum growth of the body and they include: Thiamine(vitamin B1)-which is required for the proper functioning of the nervous system
Riboflavin(vitamin B2)-responsible for the formation and production of co-enzymes involved in cellular respiration,
Niacin(vitamin B3)-required for cellular respiration,
cyacobalamin- for the formation of red blood cells,
calcium- responsible for strong bones and teeth,the clotting of blood and the normal functioning of the muscles,preventing ricket,osteomalacia and tooth decay.
Ascorbic acid(Vitamin C)-which is the main component of most fruits aids rapid wound healing and helps to resist all forms of infection,
vitamin A which is also present in watermelon enhances normal growth for body cell division and for a proper vision of the eyes,preventing night blindness or any form of eye defect.
The trace elements contained in watermelon include: magnesium,potassium,manganese,magnesium,zinc,copper.
Watermelon has been found to consist of 92% of water and filled with important electrolytes as a result of this,it has helped in many ways; regular consumption of watermelon helps to:
PREVENTION OF AILMENT: regular intake of watermelon helps to prevent the occurrence of some ailments such as diabetes,heart diseases,asthma,cancer,chronic inflammation,indigestion(constipation),liver cirrhosis,water poisoning,kidney diseases etc…
SKIN: watermelon intake is great for the skin because it contains vitamin A,a vitamin required for the production of sebum- secreted by sebaceous glands of the skin which secrets an oily substance into the hair follicles. Sebum keeps the hair and the epidermis waterproof and supple. It also keeps the skin away from dust and microorganisms.
CANCER: watermelon has helped to stop the formation of free radicals;which are known to cause cancer,release hormones that alter body function,which causes damage to the body tissues,cells and organs. Watermelon therefore contains anti-oxidants which prevents cell damage and counteracts these free radicals.
DIGESTION: due to the high water content of watermelon,and its rich fiber content,it aids digestion processes,and helps to prevent constipation.
EXCRETION: watermelon helps to ease excretion,aids the removal of waste products from the body which could be in form of urine,sweat etc..
INFLAMMATION: watermelon has been researched to help in the absorption of fats in the body,thereby reducing the swelling of any parts of the body,it aids in the transmission of nerve impulses.

How to Cure Pimples

How to cure pimples is a common demand among teenagers especially. Pimples are inflammations on the skin caused by the activities of bacteria on the oily part of the skin. Pimples are caused by the blockage of the skin spores by dead cells making it difficult for some particles to escape from the body thereby accumulating at a point. They often appear on the face(most especially), chest, shoulder and back. Pimples are also called ACNES.
Pimples are quite normal and very common among teenagers because they are signs of puberty themselves and exist to protect the body from waste products but we often see them as something embarrassing. Getting rid of pimples is not a bad thing, use of lotions and medicine are good but natural means are safer, more affordable and quite reliable. Below is a list of a few among the many ways
1. Honey
using honey is a great way to go about getting rid of pimples, due to honey’s soothing and hydrating properties, simply apply honey on the affected area and leave for about an hour then wash it off thereafter. Repeat often and you should see brilliant results within a week!

2. Toothpaste
toothpaste is also a great way of getting rid of pimples thanks to the presence of floride. Use it must be white toothpaste and avoid using gel toothpaste. To use, preferably make it bedtime, apply on the face overnight and wash off in the morning.

3. Lemon
lemon can be used to get rid of pimples thanks to the presence of vitamin C which can really help dry up the pimples in no time at all. Simply apply fresh lemon juice to the affected area for about half an hour before washing off and be sure its fresh juice as bottled juice contains preservatives which will hinder its effectiveness.

4. Exercise
if you’re into exercises or anything that will make you really sweat after the session, apart from the fact that you’ll be fit and strong, you probably won’t have too many pimples either. If you’re not, then I suggest you do if you’ll be convenient with it because sweat as it is, helps push out the dried out body cells and bacteria that cause pimples and after the session, ensure you freshen up. Keep this regular to get remarkable results.

5. Garlic
adding garlic to pimples may sound funny but it actually works mainly because garlic contains high sulphur contents which are very good for drying oils. To use, you can grind it to liquid paste and apply onto the face or simply slice a part open and put onto the affected area for about half an hour.
In addition, make sure you wash your face very often to keep it as free from sweat or other oily substances as possible as the growth of pimples is enhanced by oily skin.
These among others are good and reliable natural ways on how to get rid of pimples. Try them out and feel free to leave a comment. Good luck getting rid of your pimples!


In order to get popular on youtube with whatever package you’ve got to introduce to people,there’s need to get acquainted to the site(Youtube),the following needs to be done;

*At first,you must decide the kind of youtube account you want to have depending on your areas of specialization,your talents,your fields of concentration,what you know more about,and what you’re good at. This could be based on health-related topics,funny videos,riddles,songs,ideas on dance steps,lessons(tutorials on subjects…),vocational trainings(which can be videos on how some vocational works are done such as catering,fashion designing,etc),and even stories. It could also be a mix-up.

*Then make sure you are signed in to youtube and ensure you create a channel: you can create a suitable channel using your name or your business name. Creativity also matters when creating a channel. Choose an attractive and catchy background image,this would help to enhance your popularity on youtube,most importantly,choose your colors and combine them appropriately. You can decorate it anyhow you like,just make sure it’s original and the texts are easy to comprehend and read by youtubers/people that access your channel.

*Make a proper introduction of yourself and state your name/names clearly(avoid the use of ambiguous languages)so that viewers can easily understand you,your aims and objectives;in this way,you’ll create attention and awareness for your account and yourself.

*Make your titles attractive enough: Add popular words if possible,with popular views that aim at discussion,topics of controversial issues,that attracts attention of viewers. Though inviting viewers’ attention isn’t always an easy task,but with persistence and patience you will get people informed and to build the popularity.

*Most importantly,tell your family and friends to check out your videos or whatever your package is on youtube,also try sending friend requests to people on youtube(youtubers),be likeable and friendly to them,if possible,try meeting with famous youtubers this will also enhance your popularity on youtube.

Follow these tips of getting popular on YouTube
and shortly you will be there.

Did you find this helpful or do you have something you want to ask or add?,Why not let’s hear your mind by leaving a comment.
Thank You.

How To Lose Weight Fast

How to lose weight is what alot of people want to know but how to lose weight FAST is the
deal. Of course there’s no point in losing 5 pounds in 3 months, just
saying however, it is equally abnormal to lose too many overnight or in an
unreasonable period of time. Below is a comprehensive list on how to lose
weight fast you can choose from or combine at will:

1. LOSE WEIGHT WITH FRUIT THERAPY*: losing weight fast with a method called
fruit therapy can actually be a very convenient way to reduce in weight and it’ll be especially easy for
people who already love fruit. Fruit therapy deals with intake of raw fruit
supplements like oranges, apples, pineapples, bananas and so on and their
raw juices better and more often than other foods, during this therapy, one
should maintain a diet of RAW fruits to other meals as 75:25 for effective
results. This method of losing weight is very effective, fast and equally an healthy choice
of life style. Effects of fruit therapy show in as little as 3 days. Unfortunately, as good
as this method of losing weight is, some people can’t easily adapt to
taking more of fruits and less of others in their diet, thats all up to
you. Also, some regions of the world where fruits aren’t so easy to get
won’t find fruit therapy so convenient.

2. LOSE WEIGHT FAST BY TAKING LESS OF CARBOHYDRATES: losing weight fast with this method applies mainly to those who don’t do so much of vigorous work. Carbohydrates are
rich in calories which when unused get converted to fat by the body which
stores up over and over till it gets you robust. White food such as white
rice, potatoes, corn, flour, sugar and the likes contain high percentage of
carbohydrates. So take less of them and more of green leaves like green
beans, peas, broccoli and take more of brown rice instead of white rice,
home made food instead of fast food. Pepper, tomatoes which are not only
colourful but are also rich in fibres and protein which are essential for
losing weight, firmness and strength other than fat, oil or carbohydrate.
For effective results in your quest to lose weight fast,eat less of carbohydrates always.

probably one of the simplest ways to lose weight fast but in turn can be troublesome as water
is obviously completely tasteless which some people can’t possibly bare. To
lose weight fast with this method, first you need to drink about two cups of
water when you wake up in the morning before doing anything else and then
take at least one full cup before and after every meal. This method has also
been proven to cure diabetes, prevent cancer, heart attack, relief stress,
headache, backache, heartache and many others.

4.LOSE WEIGHT WITH REGULAR EXERCISE: this method of losing weight fast
is one alot of people hate but for the sake of those who don’t mind, here
are some ways you can adopt:

i. If you have a gym, visit the gym for up to 4 times a week and spend at
LEAST 1 and not more than 3 effective training hours on the various weight
loss machines.

ii. jogging long distances once every 2 days really pays off. BURN that fat
and push yourself that extra mile! Don’t be lazy. You’ll start losing weight in no time.

iii. Dancing is probably the most enjoyable way you can use to lose weight. If you can dance, lock yourself up in your room, hit ‘play’ and dance
your fat away!

iv. Participate in a sporting activity, be it soccer, football, basketball
or whichever, it gets you up and going and in no time at all, you’ll be as
slim and fit like you never imagined!

NOTE: Nothing exactly comes FAST especially when it comes to your
health, if its too fast, it’ll probably cause some severe after effects.
The above listed ways take moderate time and are as you can see equally
safe, natural and healthy. Good luck.

Did you find this helpful or do you have something to ask or add? Why not lets
hear your mind by leaving a comment? Thank you.

How To Cure Hiccups

What are hiccups and how are they cured? Well, hiccups are sudden involuntary contraction of muscle in the diaphragm and respiratory organs accompanied with a sudden closing up of the glottis and a notable sound which resembles that of a cough. Hiccups are also called hicoughs.
The causes of hiccups are not yet known however, experts believe hiccups are triggered by some sort of stomach disorder minor or not, others believe hiccups may be caused by psychological reasons rather than physical ones, nobody know for sure however.
Getting rid of hiccups might not be so easy as hiccups can be stubborn sometimes. Unless you’re suffering from a medical problem which you’ll need professional treatment for, ‘normal’ hiccups lasts the most of an hour but this article is meant for those who can’t wait that long therefore, below are some useful methods on how to cure hiccups:

* drink water upside down

* bring your knees to your chest as close as you can for a short period

* drink water very fast

* swallow some granulated sugar

* breath in and hold it then breath out, repeat a few times.
So the next time you get hiccups, be sure to remember these methods of getting rid of hiccups and give us your feedback. Good luck getting rid of hiccups!